Quiet Industry

by The Henrys

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"The Henrys are the tycoons of a Quiet Industry that produces sublime tapestries and sturdy widgets of the most elusive kind." - Rootsworld, USA

"Nothing less than a revelation." fRoots Magazine, UK

"A special strength, intimacy and sense of proportion to this music, along with great inventiveness." Richard Williams, music journalist, UK

"Sonic astronauts operating up where the air is thin...These songs are romantic, intimate and full of big thoughts." Laurie Brown, CBC, Canada

"The Henrys' new album is a sublime masterpiece... an absolute must." - Moors Magazine, Holland


released June 11, 2015

Gregory Hoskins, Don Rooke, Andrew Downing, John Sheard, Hugh Marsh, Jonathan Goldsmith, Davide DiRenzo, Tara Dunphy, and Nicolas Tjelios. PR: www.pavementpr.com



all rights reserved


The Henrys Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Star:

"Old instruments, new sounds’ is the way Rooke describes what The Henrys do - they extract from a resonator guitar and other plucked acoustic instruments the harmonics, overtones and oblique noises behind the rustic notes to create landscapes that are aston­ishingly romantic, frightening, sexual, spiritual - and quite beautiful. Brave new music." ... more

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Track Name: A Weaker One
A Weaker One

When you're lost, then found
But you're found on the ground
You can't feel the light
If the sunshine's too bright

So you shield your face
From the human race
You get up on your knees
If it's not too late for please

Don't stop, don't hide
Don't turn inside
Be strong, don't bend
They say there's time
Until the end

You've learned that right
Can also be wrong
Take hold, be brave
You might not be here that long

Will you get back on your knees
Is it too late to say please
You don't want to say when
You just need to change again

Trust the one beside
To show you how it's done
And know that two
Is better than a weaker one

Trust the one beside
To show you how it's done
And know that two is better
Than a weaker one

Two is better than a weaker one

Don't stop, don't hide
Don't turn inside
Be strong, my friend
And don't give up until the end

Trust the one beside
To remember how it's done
You know that two
Is better than a weaker one

Trust the one beside
To show you how it's done
And know that two is better
Than a weaker one

Two is better than a weaker one

Two is better than a weaker one
Two is better than a weaker one
Track Name: As I Say I Do
As I Say I Do

I walk the streets
Past things I did with you
As I say
I do

And spend my days
Drifting from true
As we say
We do

Colder than snow
And breathless as I go
I must know
I know

Then into spring, and rain
That echoes down the drain
It goes down
It all goes down

You did    (believe it)
I won't     (believe it)
I can't      (believe it)
I don't      (believe it)

I don't because it's true
I knew that it was you
I knew it would always be you

Yet here are the things
Laid out by my feet
Things that we
Could do

I know them by heart
I know their every part
Be still
they're still like you

And here I come
My one task left to do
So straight, so true

I must, I know
That now it's time we go
As we say
We do
Track Name: Change for Good
Change For Good

I wanted to
Change for good
To do whatever
I could

As anyone would
To change
For good

So I'll try for good
Buy for good
Plan to look you
In the eye for good

And I'll be gone for good
If I go
You'll understand why
If I ever say no

Cause I won't walk, if it's not for good
I won't talk, if it's not for good
I won't cry, if it's not for good
I can't lie, if it's not for good

I won't dream
I won't scheme
I won't steal
I won't deal

I want to make a
Change for good
To say I did
All the things (that) I could

Rearrange my life
As anyone would
If they wanted to make a
Change for good

I won't walk, if it's not for good
I won't talk
I won't cheat
I won't retreat

Won't lay a curse
I won't coerce
I won't believe
And I won't grieve

So I will live my life
Just as I would
If each thing I did
Was done for good

Then as I leave
I can say I stood
For whatever let me
Die for good
Track Name: Reel Me in Gently
Reel Me in Gently

I'm high and flying over
The crumbling cliffs off Dover

So reel me in gently
I'm hooked but I'm spent
I used to have some fight
But now I just repent

So save me? Save me, save me

Instead of trying to fix my faults
You just wave the smelling salts
You save me, save me

And again you take this lifeless bait
Pull me up and point me straight
Not once could I reciprocate

But save me?
It's me again
Save me?
Track Name: Was Is
Was Is

What it is
Is what it was
Plus where it's been
And that’s because

What we know
Is who we are
We're made from nails
And bones and tar

It is what it is
A bundle of His
That’s the heart
And another part

Whatever parts
Can’t turn and run
Seldom heal
Or work as one

Work to shape
A fonder glow
Of praise and love
From high to low

What it is
Is standard biz
You work to rent
And drink the fizz

Without it this is
Simply that
Rent's unpaid
And the drink goes flat

So wear your job
Like cats wear black
Or the fizz is gone, Lord
And we can't have that

What we have
Is what we know
And all the little things that
you picked up along the way
Will surely slide right off the roof
and melt like snow in early May
If you don't

See the most in
Another noon
Our good deeds are
Washed away to soon

It's all about light
It's all about day and night
We have an imperfect
Almost perfect right

Takes the heat like an ove-glove
Like a flaming arrow shot
From a dove above

I'll hover here
To keep you free
Your guardian angel
Is dressed like me


Come, float across
This 'gator moat
You on my wings
Safe as a goat

Touch down
On the other side
Where I let you go
Your joy, my ride

I can leave you high ... and dry

Emancipation, deflection
The immaculate reception
Believe, Franco, believe
Track Name: When That Far Shore Disappears
When The Far Shore Disappears

The river flows and brings no word
No stay for things that haunt me
I don't know who or how I wronged
Or why these crows still want me

I sleep on the side of a river wide
To wash away my tears
And I know each day is over
When that far shore disappears

Watch the clouds
The clouds they pile and crash
Gone to grey and coal black
As I paint their faces with ash

The trees do crack and testify
Like a murder of chattering crows
Whatever it is they think I've done
It's better if nobody knows

O Lord, how to get me
From here to the other side
It's cold and I'm so lonely
Nobody will comp me a ride

Dark night in the silver camp
I turn my face to the moon
If all was fine on the other side
Then why do I sing this tune?

If all was fine on the other side
Then how do I know this tune?

When it's time to cross this river wide
If my limbs just shudder and seize
Lord slip me over to that other shore
To rest in the shade of the mayhaw tree
Track Name: Dangers of Travel
The Dangers of Travel

Just one more thing
Before I never let you go
There's a problem with your passport
You old so and so

Revoked, expired
Officially declined
There'll be no flying today
So unhand your things, unwind

Unpack, come back
I'll cancel the car
There's much to discuss
So stay right there where you are

Stay right there where you are

And one more thing
Before I never let you go
I've got a present for you
So pull on this bow

You'll find a pamphlet inside
About the dangers of travel
See, I can't let you go
I unravel

The light is pretty now
But soon it will fade
So put the bags down
Please put the bags down
Your dinner's been made
Track Name: Last One Here
Last One Here

Summer heat stalled
On our town each night
So we'd head for the hills
Out of mind, out of sight

I couldn't see the map
When the dome light died
So we just drove til we got tired
And slept by the roadside

A life so small
So local, so slow
One light on a dark road
Inside all we tried to know

But we didn't know
What we didn't know
That we had decades of travel to go
Decades of travel to go

A call from a payphone
A letter in the mail
Small moments were all we'd get
The big ones wouldn't happen yet

Time was an open road
A minute was a year
Until the day I turned around
And was the last one here

I was the last one here

Now looking back
I see it much better
It was a puzzle where each piece
Fit so well together

The little things
Were everything
The carpark
The dare

How we slept
In the backseat
Where I laid my head
In your hair
I laid my head in your hair

We were late
It was dark
We put miles on a car
That never wanted to start

Couldn't see the map
When the dome light died
So we just drove til we got tired
And slept in a pool of moonlight
Track Name: Burn the Boat
Burn the Boat

I can't leave again, it's wrong
My hands are torn from hanging on
I hate it when we go away
Can't we, one time, just stay?

I want to feel the seasons pass
Tend some ratty little patch of grass
Ride the heat and snow and ice
I want to see the same things twice

But you sail us past another shore
When I can't do this anymore
We never stop, we never drop
An anchor on the ocean floor

So let's burn the boat baby, let's burn it now
Wrap it in flames from stern to bow
Sparks can shower my glowing face
If we don't have to leave this place

And still we go around and 'round
Leaving more places than we've found
I can't see new as new this way
I guess I'm blind to change today

Please let's
Burn the boat, let's burn it now
Wrap it in flames from stern to bow
Turn from the fire and walk away
To put down tender roots today

I get so tired of your moving games
Each dream I have goes up in flames
To see the same patch of sky today
The craft is sunk and now I stay

I burned the boat, it's burning now
C'mon let's break champagne on her flaming bow
Then turn from the fire and walk away
I'll put down my own roots this way
Track Name: The Almighty Inbox
The Almighty Inbox

Glow fonder
Out from in
Make light pass
Through glass and skin

Glow harder
Unpack your strength
Show you care
By wavelength

Glow fonder
Reach wide
Touch the ones
With less to hide

Glow longer
Stay up late
Warm the group
Outside the gate

The amber light
That sparks
Across vacuum tubes
And parks

Can be contained....

Wrap it up
In paper kites
To float out
Over fields at night

Don't spend your gifts
On sunny days
You'll need reserve
With kids to raise

Preserve the glow
And keep it bright
Provide them
With a guiding light

They need you now
You know I'm right
That way they might choose
Their home tonight

Preserve the glow
And keep it bright
And they might choose
Your home tonight